• Q: Is this agency licensed and accredited?

    A: Yes. The agency is licensed by the New York State Department of Health and it is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission.

  • Q: Is the staff trained?

    A: Our home health and personal care aides have completed a New York State training program and have received their certificates. Further instruction and/or training is provided by our agency’s RN supervisors during supervision visits and during regular in-service classes.

    Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are licensed by the New York State Department of Education after completing their educational requirements and passing the New York State Boards. They are supervised by the director of clinical services and must maintain current registration of their licenses and required in-service as set forth by New York State.

  • Q: Are background checks and reference checks performed?

    A: Prior to hiring, background checks and fingerprinting are performed by an agent of New York State to ensure an employee is cleared to work in your home. References are obtained from previous employers.

  • Q: Does the agency have 24-hour accessibility?

    A: The office is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, on weekends and holidays, we can be reached for emergencies by dialing our office number. An answering service will contact the on-call person who will assist you. An RN is available for emergency medical instructions.

  • Q: Is there a minimum amount of hours or days that a caregiver may be hired?

    A: Home care can be provided by the hour, day or week within certain minimum requirements. The minimum amount of care is four hours per day and five days per week. The minimum ensures the continuity of care, meets the guidelines for home care and helps to ensure the plan safely meets the patient’s needs.

  • Q: Does the agency contact my doctor?

    A: Yes. All patients must be under the care of a physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant who is duly licensed by the New York State Department of Education to secure medical orders for home health care.

  • Q: Are aides supervised in the home? How often and by whom?

    A: Yes. Aides are instructed and supervised by the RN. Usually, the visits are monthly, but the schedule can be altered if the patient’s condition warrants it.

  • Q: Does the agency have sufficient staff to meet my needs?

    A: Yes. The agency will not admit you to care unless there are adequate personnel to meet your needs.

  • Q: Does my insurance cover home care?

    A: We will check with your insurance company to determine if there is coverage. You will be advised of any co-payments, deductibles or restrictions.

  • Q: What insurance companies do you work with?

    A: We are affiliated with Medicaid, managed care organizations (United Health Care, Fidelis, GuildNet, etc.), long-term care (New York Life, John Hancock, MetLife, Prudential, Conseco, etc.); these are just a few of our affiliations, and we are more than happy to speak with any insurance company on your behalf to seek those benefits you need to ensure that you are covered.

  • Q: Can the aide drive me to appointments?

    A: For your safety and because of insurance liabilities, the staff is not permitted to drive you in either your vehicle or theirs. However, they will accompany you, if you wish, your doctor’s appointments by taxi or other means of transportation within their regularly assigned hours.